Region: Marlborough Region

Whether it's your first visit or your fiftieth, Marlborough is a great destination for a vacation. makes it easy to find the best rate for your next trip to this wonderful Region. While in Marlborough, be sure to visit Picton, Blenheim, Lochmara Bay. Our website has been designed to help you discover exciting and interesting things to do and places to see. Getting around Marlborough is easy with the Region's major airports as access points to major cities. More than 3,500,000 travelers have chosen to find the perfect hotel in Marlborough.

Review Picton Accommodation Gateway Motel

If what you're looking for is a conveniently located hotel in Picton, look no further than Picton Accommodation Gateway Motel. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city...

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Review Picton Yacht Club Hotel

The Picton Yacht Club Hotel blends class and a scenic location in Marlborough, New Zealand. This hotel is ideally located a short walk from both the ferry terminal and train station and within...

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