Region: North-Holland Province

Whether it's your first visit or your fiftieth, North-Holland is a great destination for a vacation. offers big savings on 5585 hotels in top locations. Home to 143 cities, you will never run out of things to do and places to see in this wonderful and exciting Province. Whatever your appetite demands, you can find in one of many wonderful restaurants around the Province. With more than 2 million customer reviews, more travelers are choosing to book hotels in North-Holland.

Review Volkshotel Amsterdam

Volkshotel Amsterdam was once a newspaper headquarters and is now home to 172 hotel rooms, ranging from cozy hideouts to huge hangouts. Stay in a bed with a view or in one of our nine special rooms....

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Review Nova Hotel

A 3-star hotel located on a beautiful green square in the center of Amsterdam, directly behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square, the Nova Hotel is superbly located, affording easy access to many...

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Review France Hotel

With friendly, welcoming staff, and a relaxed atmosphere, France Hotel is the one of the best budget hotels in central Amsterdam. The charming location facing the canal is just on the edge of the...

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Review Roemer Hotel

Situated in Oud-West, Roemer Hotel is the perfect place to experience Amsterdam and its surroundings. Only 13.6 km away, this 4-star hotel can be easily accessed from the airport. With the city's...

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Review Park Centraal Amsterdam

Beautifully refurbished in 2019, Park Centraal Amsterdam is perfectly suited for travellers looking for close proximity to culture, contemporary design and elegant cuisine in the heart of Amsterdam....

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Review artotel Amsterdam

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, artotel Amsterdam places guests at the heart of the action. The hotel is situated opposite the central station and just footsteps away from the lively Dam Square...

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